5 Reasons to Choose Pentax


Purchasing an SLR camera is a big decision.
You want a camera to carry with you everywhere, not just on special occasions,
and you want to capture in an image all the things you feel.
Why not try a PENTAX camera as your own special partner.



Have you ever given up on taking your camera along because rain was falling or dust was blowing in the wind? So that you can actively enjoy shooing in all kinds of conditions, PENTAX cameras and lenses use a dust- and moisture-resistant structure that shuts out dust particles and water drops.

*Except some models.



Most SLR camera sensors can be categorized overall as full-frame or APS-C. In addition, there are also two types of lenses: those for use with both full-frame and APS-C sensors and those optimized only for APS-C sensors. Lenses made to also handle full-frame sensors tend to be relatively large, heavy, and high priced. If you are looking for an APS-C sensor camera, we recommend PENTAX SLRs, which have a diverse range of lenses optimized for APS-C sensors. Your picture-taking demands will be fully met by this extensive line of both zoom and fixed-focal-length lenses, including telephoto and macro lenses for getting up close to your subject, wide-angle and fisheye lenses excellent for landscape shooting, and much more.



So you can get the best shot with no compromises in all kinds of situations, you want to carry multiple interchangeable lenses with you. At PENTAX, we have put the shake reduction mechanism in the body, and we have also optimized lenses for the APS-C sensor, thereby making the interchangeable lenses themselves smaller and lighter than before. So now you can fully express your personal sensibility by compactly carrying multiple lenses and choosing the best one for the situation and subject.



Color coordinate the body and grip with your favorite colors. More than 100 combinations are available. Coordinate your favorite or lucky colors to show who you are and to create a special camera that you will love more and more the more you use it.

*Color orders are limited to certain models.



Since the SR (Shake Reduction) mechanism is in the body, SR effects are possible no matter which interchangeable lens is used. You can relax and shoot even in dark scenes and with telephoto lenses, situations where camera shake tends to occur. In addition, rather than the standard pentamirror, PENTAX entry-level models use the pentaprism usually found only on intermediate and higher-end models. With the resulting large and bright finder view, you can clearly see the subject and quickly shoot just the image you imagined.